[Read It] All your ideas & oppinions about Forum

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[Read It] All your ideas & oppinions about Forum Empty [Read It] All your ideas & oppinions about Forum

Post  mitzy on Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:25 am

As we all see our forum is quite messy, we have to clean it and arrange it . I talked with Lisu about how we can moderate it, but since everyone is a part of ANK guild we can gather all our oppinions & ideas to make the forum look much better.
Don't think about what categories we can include , we have already too many, think of less categories where you can include all the Topics. For example : Members category : "IRL Pic Thread ", "Tell us about yourself" ," Where you from? " etc.
From what I saw on other guild threads most of them have max 4-5 categories. The most related ones are : Members, Recruitment ( which includes apply Thread, applications and such)Fan Faction / Off Topic (games, siggys) , News and Anouncements( Guild members, news about raids, game, info etc ).

So, everyone has the right to say his/her idea /oppinion. No one will jugde or insult your idea /oppionion.
Post here what you think about forum and what you think we can do to make it better.

Thank you ~ Have Fun cheers
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