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Post  TetsuyaKensai on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:32 pm

Okay. To apply you must agree with our rules. Wich are:

1-No kssing unless they do it first.
2-No sppaming/trash talking.
3-In Free Battle Zone u can kill and expect to be killed. Team or Party with whoever u want, u can kill ur own guildies or team them. The name of the place says it " FREE" battle zone. And never cry about it.
4- U must be on atleast 1-2 hours per day.
5- You MUST have a Hg +0 atleast

Recruiting Lvl : 115+

Classes we are recruiting:

Knight : Accepting
Gladiator: Not Recruiting
Guardian: Accepting
HolyKnight: Accepting
Warlock: Not Recruiting
Wizard: Not Recruiting
Ranger: Accepting
SharpShooter: Accepting

If you agree with our rules please fill the next form:

Character Name :
Your Character Level :
Any Hellgait :
Current guild:
Why are u leaving them ( if guildless doesnt apply) :
Why do you wanna join us :
If you know anyone in our guild :

Post this form in the " Applications Section" if its accepted you'll be able to see an [Accepted] right next to your application form. If Rejected same thing will happen. [Rejected].

Goodluck Applying, And thanks for your interest.

NOTE: Applications might take 1-2 days to be checked.
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